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What is Insulclad?


INSULCLAD is multi component LIGHTWEIGHT INSULATED RENDERED EXTERIOR CLADDING SYSTEM for domestic or commercial construction.


System uses expanded polystyrene sheets as a backing formwork. Standard size sheets of 40mm, 50mm, 75 mm or 100mm are fixed to timber, steel framing, brick wall, or existing exterior weather board surfaces. Custom size thickness can be ordered to any requirements.

Then coated with a tough, joint free, fibreglass mesh/render system, followed by a top coat of smooth or textured acrilic modified plaster.


Benefits of Insulclad

  • Lightweight
  • Reinforced
  • Crack Resistant
  • Flexible
  • Provides Full Insulation
  • Weatherproof Barrier
  • Cool in Summer
  • Warm in Winter


The materials used in the Insulclad system do not contribute to fire. All expanded polystyrene manufactured in Australia for the Insulclad system is made of a material a fire retardant addictive. Therefore, when the polystyrene comes in contact with a flame it retreats from it until it self-extinguishes. Under full scale testing, the Insulclad system has yielded an ignitability index of zero.


The Insulclad system not only offers versatility in design, it also has an impact resistance comparable too most modern cladding systems on todays market. Due to the construction of the system, should damage occur through excessive force it can be repaired with minimal effort.


Polystyrene is an inert organic material that will not rot and is highly resistant to mildew. It also provides no nutritive value to ants, termites or rodents.


New Homes

Effective insulation. 75mm system achieves a rating of 2.2R. Design, Flexibility. Insulclad can be easily shaped to form various features. Fast Installation. An average home can be clad within a week.



Lightweight Insulclad weights only 7kg per m2. Reducing structural support requirements. Render Finish, match your extension to your existing house while creating a desired look.



Update, transform your old fibro, brick or weatherboard house quickly. Enjoy a highly insulated modern look home. Simple installation, Insulclad can usually be fixed over existing cladding through to the frame.



Insulclad has been succesfully used in Australasia since 1984.


Eurobuild proudly uses materials and warranties suplied by Novatex Products.


ARCHITECTURAL MOULDINGS AND PROFILES are manufactured from structural grade polystyrene with a specially designed vapour- permable coating, which is water resistant.

This fine-sand finish system provides a traditional plaster look-a-like architectural detail, trim or shape. Coating is tough and durable for exterior or interior uses.

Polystyrene can be fabricated in many shapes and sizes. Once detailed and coated the lightweight pieces are easily transported and fixed with ease.


FINISHING RENDERS AND TEXTURE COATS are pre-mixed polymer modified cement based renders with workability aids and polypropylene fibres to add strenght and bond characteristics not achievable with site mixed renders.

Finishing renders and Texture coats can be used as a finish coat over Polystyrene systems(INSULCLAD) Flanked bricks and blocks Fibre cement cladding.

Wide range as a drag, scratch, fine sponge, medium sponge, coarse sponge and multirender are available.