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Europlex is committed to clients right from the early stages of design and construction. We maintain very close relationship with architects, designers, builders and clients. We are always helpful to answer all questions in planning and designing new projects. Range of datasheets and construction details is also available on this website. We believe in solutions not in problems!!!


We are dedicated to build virtually any size and shape of your wall. Europlex team of own employees, YES!!! we never contract any work to other companies, maintain high level of craftsmanship and as we say “attention to detail”. We deliver outstanding service throughout the construction. Cleanliness and presentation of work methods and workplace makes any project pleasant for our clients.

Piece of Mind

All product designs or concepts are subjected to numerous tests to establish fire rating, impact strength, bond strength, resistance to moisture penetration and wind loading. This ensures that they acquire the highest specifications possible for long term performance and compliance with all relevant building codes. We are fully insured company, approved installer and industry certified business. We do provide 7 year warranty for all Insulclad projects. You can check or download all relevant certificates and appraisals.

Creative Design Ideas

The unique physical characteristic of the INSULCLAD RENDERED CLADDING SYSTEM have given architects the freedom to design NEW BUILDING exteriors as well as gives the opportunity to home owners to renovate OLD WEATHERBOARD HOMES.


We are dedicated to MODERNISE or BUILD your home with this UNIQUE MODERN CLADDING SYSTEM. We deliver a SUPERIOR LOOK which also provides a UNCOMPROMISED INSULATION.


An  UNLIMITED RANGE OF TEXTURES, SHAPES AND COLOURS is available. Giving it a stylish modern look and the comfort of superior insulation. Adding a stylish and distinctive look with architectural mouldings and profiles.


Eurobuild is committed to provide its customers with a FULL ADVISORY SUPPORT service. Comprehensive range of technical data sheets, test information are available. All products are fully warranted by manufacturer, with written material guarantees available upon request.


Eurobuild also specialize in ALL ACRYLIC RENDERING

                                       ALL TEXTURE COAT RENDERING

                                       CEMENT RENDERING

                                       WHITE SETTING OVER CEMENT

                                       BLUE-BOARD AND WEATHER-BOARD SETTING


                                       ARCHITECTURAL MOULDINGS AND PROFILES

                                       INSULATION ADVISORY SERVICE

                                       FACADE MAKEOVERS


                                       simply said "WE HAVE THE WALLS COVERED"



Our clients and Associates



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Behhag Constructions



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Heddon Builders







Service and products include:

  • Polystyrene, styrene, styrofoam cladding
  • Insulclad cladding
  • Weather resistant cladding
  • Insulation cladding
  • Pre-meshed, premeshed board
  • Acrylic texture coats and renders
  • External insulation
  • House renovations, cladding
  • Light weight wall system
  • Setting and cement render